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Amount that reflect on my bill was 1,632 under the name of fht* lingyan co shenzhen cn Yes i did the same a few days early.I asked a question and they took a couple of weeks to respond.Scammed by trader details PES* RZSDGQMFJM CO., LT RIZHAO before Christmas.Took credit card payment with non sterling transaction fee. My bank say trader is not traceable Attempted to order a Kitchen Aid Food Processor (advertisement from Instagram).And also demand the cancellation of the operation and the return of funds in full volume I made a 5.99 purchase and received no email back about my purchase. They WILL take your money and you will NOT RECEIVE ANYTHING! The company showed up on my credit card as FHT*TERRYKON CO SHENZHEN CH.There is no contact information other than emailing this fraudulent website! I found out the company is out of the Peoples Republic of China.

This person was selling massage chairs on Facebook, I purchased one at 0.00,it said it would be shipped in 7 to 10 business days. I have heard absolutely nothing, but the money was taken out of my account immediately.

Contacted customer service online (no phone number) and they responded by asking if I could keep purchase and they would refund 15%.

I responded by questioning there 90 day return policy.

Jerseys are not as pictured on website, colors are off.

Package arrived a month after ordering without any packing slip or information for returns.

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